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Heroine Worship
by Sarah Kuhn
Daw, $15.00 TPB, 375 pp
Published: July 2017

Ever since the first demon portal appearing in San Francisco imbued a handful of humans with super (demonesque) powers, Aveda Jupiter has styled herself the protector of San Francisco and followed that up with true kick-ass authority on subsequent demon sightings.  Evie Tanaka’s job was to be Aveda’s “Girl Friday” right up until Evie figured out how to control her own awesome powers.  Now the two life-long friends are co-superheroes.  Click here to see a review of Heroine Complex.

But both of them still have lots of personal issues to work through while they are trying to figure out if the city has been invaded by a ‘puppy’ demon.  Evie still has self-esteem issues but Aveda is having a super hard time getting over the fact that she isn’t the most powerful hero in town anymore.  She really believes she has Evie’s best interests at heart, but her steamroller approach tends to roll over all of Evie’s wants and needs.

Evie is finally getting married!  And the whole city is watching and waiting for juicy details of the upcoming nuptials.  She picked Aveda as her Maid-of-Honor and as such, Aveda sees it as a mission.  A mission to make every detail of the wedding preparations absolutely perfect…whether Evie wants it or not.  To Aveda’s frustration and dismay, her efforts always seem to go awry in spite of all her planning.  Evie, on the other hand, appreciates all her efforts but doesn’t know how to tell Aveda what she really wants.  Oh, and Aveda is also having a lot of trouble with super-sexy Scott – does he still care about her or does he hate her?  She’s having trouble figuring it out while trying not to drool in his presence.

And, of course, there is a puppy demon wandering around the city turning new brides into bridezillas.  Even Evie was affected and nearly killed someone with her power.  Aveda is desperate to find the puppy and send it back through the portal before it ruins Evie’s wedding day – it’s her job as Maid-of-Honor, of course.

This story was a lot more fluff than the first book.  The previous book concerned itself with a lot of trending social issues that were not present in this story.  This story is overly concerned with Aveda trying to figure out how she feels about things.  The puppy demon is an interesting plot device and I like how it figured in the story. It was a fun story with fast action and dialogue.  ~~ Catherine Book

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