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December 15
New reviews in
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December 1, 2018
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Secret of the Dragon's Breath
The Dragon Series #2
by Derek Hart
iUniverse, $16.95, 245 pp
Published: December 2007

This sequel to Secret of the Dragon’s Eye finds our teenage protagonists still coping with the rigors of World War II on the coast of Cornwall such as rationing and air raids. This installment in the series introduces new menaces and new friends as Gavin, Emily and Bunty join Thaddeus, the dragon, in protecting England from Nazi plots

Originally I read Secret of the Dragon’s Eye to my nephews and sure enough, as soon as Secret of the Dragon’s Breath arrived they were champing at the bit for us to sit down to read it. This time around I read it alone but it was no less captivating than when reading to two young boys.  I was again held captive by the story, a masterful mix of historical fiction and fantasy.

Gavin, Bunty, Emily and Thaddeus are, once again, part of large historical events - such as the sinking of the Bismarck and hidden events such as an attempt to invade Britain by yet another race of creatures from the fantasy realm. We also meet new allies in the hidden fantasy war that is part of the overall battle of good vs. evil and Bunty gets a girlfriend

These books are wonderful stories with the extra added attraction of being a painless and entertaining method of teaching a new generation about the past, the value of friendship and sacrifice and that evil and good do exist in the world. When I read it to my nephews they were almost as fascinated with the concepts of WWII Britain’s air raids and food rationing as they were with dragons and magic. I highly recommend these to all parents, to all lovers of dragons and to those who enjoy historical fiction. - Stephanie L Bannon

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