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The Military Science of Star Wars
by George Beahm
Tor, HB $27.99, 318 pages
Published: May 2018

If Star Wars were real,
How would weapons work? The Force
Doesn’t change physics.

Beahm is a retired Army field artillery major, and he takes his ballistics, metallurgy, lines of fire, and all other aspects of physics as they apply to warfare seriously. He also understands the importance of personnel and the significance of characteristics such as charisma, leadership, relevant knowledge, and situational awareness. And he loves Star Wars. So here is a labor of love, a study of how those fantastic fighting scenes could, or could not, really happen, and how some of the fights that did not go so well could have been improved — for either side. There are also succinctly written analyses of characters, including an appreciation of how Princess Leia Organa raised the bar for depictions of females in movies for all time.

The section titles let you know exactly where to find what information, often with a dash of humor for good measure. There are occasional parallels drawn to events closer to home than those that occurred in a galaxy far, far away.

Not necessarily a book you want to read cover to cover, it is nonetheless an absolute  must-have for Star Wars aficionados, and a dam’ good read. ~~ Chris Wozney

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