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Seriously Wicked
by Tina Connolly
TOR Teen, $17.99, 202pp
Published: May 2015

Camellia Anna Stella Hendrix is a typical 10th grade girl with a crush on the new boy at school.  She rides the bus, does homework and chores, and gets texts on her phone.  But Cam’s chores are… a bit different:  FEED AND WALK THE WEREWOLF PUP, MUCK OUT DRAGON’S QUARTERS, HANG OUT SNAKESKINS TO DRY, BRING HOME 1 PINT OF GOAT’S BLOOD AND A PIG’S EAR.  Cam lives with a witch – a seriously wicked witch -- who thinks Cam is also a witch.  “I am not a witch,” Cam has told herself since she was 5 years old and found out she’d been kidnapped away from her real family to become free labor for the witch.  Cam takes this all in stride.  Although her phone only connects with other witches and her internet research is restricted to Witchipedia, she has her school, her friends (who know nothing of her life with the witch,) and her dragon, Moonfire, to keep her happy. 

The day Cam meets Devon, the new boy, he dumps his water bottle down her pants because the phoenix feather in her back pocket is smoldering.  After school, while helping her obtain the pig’s ear (from a bag he purchased for his dog,) Devon inadvertently walks in while the witch is performing a spell to bring a demon.   The demon is needed to find a phoenix, transformed and hidden at Cam’s school for the past ten years.  Due to faulty goat’s blood, the demon escapes the witch’s control just enough to get into Devon and take control of him.  

Halloween is the day of the big costume ball dance at the school.  The phoenix will be 100 years old on Halloween and will explode in an atomic fire and be reborn, taking down the whole school and everyone in it.  This is the power that the wicked witch needs to take over the city. 

Cam has just three days to help the demon Devon get the ingredients needed for the spell the witch needs to harness the power of the phoenix, figure out how to get the demon out of Devon before he steals his soul, banish the demon back to the hells from which he came, save the school, and stop the witch from getting the power of the phoenix. 

Imaginative, entertaining, and funny, this is a delightful fantasy that I read in one sitting.  ~~ Marie Davis

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