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The Creepy Case Files of Margo Maloo - The Monster Mall
by Drew Weing
First Second; $15.95; 128pp
Published: September 2016

As charming as they come, this is a hardback comic of the adventures of Margo Maloo who lives in Echo City. She is hot on the case of why the monsters throughout the city are being harassed and disappearing. We’re talking the monsters that hide under the bed, hang out in the attic, and call the basement home.

She engages with Charles Thompson, a blogger/ reporter who is fascinated by those things that go bump in the night and are fun to hang out with. I would say the two of them are between ten an twelve years old.  Margo decides to let Charles follow her on her newest case---what’s going on at the abandoned Bellwood Mall. The vampire kids hanging out there are being harassed by what they believe are ghost hunters out to expose them to the world.

Margo feels strongly that the creepy crawlies, imps, trolls and dark things in the woods need to be protected from over-curious humans, who will just destroy them if caught. And so, she gets along with the supernatural denizens of Echo City as she does her best to protect their existence. The results of Margo and Charles’ investigation prove rather humorous when they uncover just what the human kids are doing at the mall.

The art work in this book is sharp and fluid, the color scheme is muted and effective since we are dealing with things in the shadows and the deep woods.  A engaging read for any middle-grade reader who loves the slightly creepy.            ~~ Sue Martin

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